Character, Game, and House Rules

Character Creation Rules

General Creation Information:

  • Characters will begin play at level 1.
  • 300 gold will be given to purchase starting equipment.
  • Mounts and animal companions are encouraged, for both flavor and mechanical reasons.
  • I will require a Loot Wishlist from each player. These lists can either be from 1-20, or if you are unsure of where you plan to take your character in higher levels, then 1-10.
  • Characters may be of any alignment except Lawful Evil, Neutral Evil, or Chaotic Evil.
  • Characters must be approved by me first.

Races: All races, cultures, and ethnicities from official Pathfinder products are permitted, though some races from the Advanced Race Guide must be approved by the GM.

Classes: All classes and class variations are allowed, including those from the Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, Advanced Class Guide, Pathfinder Unchained, Occult Adventures, Ultimate Intrigue, and other official Pathfinder products. It is in the party’s best interest to have a balance of classes, so keep that in mind. Refer to the Rise of the Runelords Player’s Guide for more detailed suggestions on class choices.

Attributes: You may roll to determine your attributes. Roll 4d6 and discard the lowest die six times. You can roll multiple sets and choose from them.

Hit Points: Max Hitpoints from your HD for 1st level + Constitution Modifier. For the every level thereafter, you may take the median of your HD + Constitution or roll your HD twice and take highest result + Constitution.

Hero Points: Each character will begin play with 1 Hero Points. You may choose to be an Anti-hero and choose the bonus feat instead of the Hero Point as stated in the Advanced Player’s Guide.

Traits: Traits are allowed, and required. Two traits must be chosen upon creation, and you may not select more than one from a single category. One trait must be selected from the Hell’s Rebels Player’s Guide. Traits from any source are viable. If you choose a Drawback, you may have an additional trait.

Backstories: Backstories are required and must be posted on your character page. Even though it is an official adventure path, I will tweak parts of the campaign and utilize any information you provide. I will include backstories in the campaign. People, locations, and more from the parties’ past may show up down the line. I enjoy centering arcs around a specific character.

Game and House Rules

Variant Rules: For this campaign, and all future Pathfinder campaigns I run, we will be utilizing variant rules both from official Paizo sources. We will be using the Piecemeal Armor variant rule found in Ultimate Combat and detailed here. In addition, we will also be using the Character Background and Drawback variant rules found in Ultimate Campaign, which are detailed here, here, and here. If you are not sure which background your character should fall into, please consult with me. As well, all background and occupation choices must be approved by me. The new Background Skills rules from Pathfinder Unchained will be used, and can be found here., as well as the Stamina and Combat Tricks rules from Pathfinder Unchained found here.

Combat to Roleplay Ratio: This is a story and character driven campaign, and combat will never occur just for the sake of combat. Every encounter will have relevance to the story (even if it may not seem that way, at first) and some encounters can be avoided or will be scrapped if the party makes the appropriate roleplay choices. Combat will happen frequently during certain parts of the campaign, and well be less frequent during others.

Player Styles: Min/Max’ers, Rule Lawyers, and players who discourage roleplay in favor of combat need not inquire. I have no problem with an optimized character, however I do not want someone who doesn’t care for roleplay and just wants to make the best Fighter or Sorcerer. This campaign is story and roleplay driven, with combat used to progress the story. I would prefer if players reflected that. If you metagame, you will be removed from the party. End of story.

Retraining/Rerolling: I will allow retraining (outside of when it is allowed in rules) and rerolling for the first three sessions. After that, the only time you may reroll or retrain is when the rules permit, or if/when your character dies.

Character, Game, and House Rules

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